My Bullet Journal Life

I love, love, love my bullet journal life! My journal keeps me on track and helps me avoid distractions every day. I feel so much more organized and productive than before starting my bullet journal. It fits right in my purse (A5 size) so I can take it anywhere. I can’t tell you how many times it has come in handy, like whenever I am at the dentist or doctor and need to schedule a future appointment. Just the other day I was at my mother’s house and she asked if I was available to help her on the next Thursday. Well, I had my bullet journal with me and was able to let her know right away.

Why Weeklies Work

Today, I’m going to share some bullet journal life ideas that I use myself. First of all, I don’t like being redundant any more than is absolutely necessary, so I want to avoid writing a task more than once or twice. Because of that, I’ve opted to do only monthly and weekly spreads on an ongoing basis. I did try dailies, but found I was always having to migrate tasks, sometimes for several days in a row. (Maybe it was just procrastination!) Those of you who have day specific tasks would probably benefit from using the dailies.

Choose a Method

There are a number of different bullet journal methods. I started with the Analog Method developed by Ryder Carrol. It’s a very minimalist method, so if you don’t have much time to spend creating layouts and you like that sort of spartan look this method might appeal to you.

After using the Analog method for a month, I found I liked being able to see a calendar method for my monthly spreads better. I guess I’m a visual person. At this point I was using the monthly calendar spread and the dailies. Loved the monthly, but not so much the dailies for the reason I stated above, and for some reason it felt unorganized to me. So, after searching around for ideas, I decided to try a weekly spread. I did a week of using monthly, weekly, and daily spreads, but it was too much for me to keep up with.

Again, if your situation is different and you use your journal for work or school, you may find the dailies indispensable. I am now happily settled in with my monthly calendar spread and my weekly spreads. I’m using only black Micron pens and colored pencils right now.

Be Creative

I’m thinking about expanding my horizons, getting out of my comfort zone, and adding a little more pizzazz to my journal. What do you think?

If you want to be more creative, I’ve found a few websites with some great ideas.

You can also get a lot of creative bullet journal ideas and layouts on Pinterest. I hope you find plenty of inspiration for your own journal.

Since I started my bullet journal in December 2016, I have only used it for keeping track of special dates, appointments, and tasks. I just added a weekly mental health tracker to track headaches and how I feel each day. Other people include all sorts of things in their journals.  I’ve seen trackers for just about anything you can imagine, book and movie lists, actual journal entries, meal planning and grocery lists, gift ideas/lists, mind maps, travel memories, work or school assignments. You can and should make your bullet journal fit your life. There’s no right or wrong; you can put in anything you want to. It’s ok to change your layouts from month to month or from week to week until you find what works best for you.

Start Your Bullet Journal Life

If you still need a journal and supplies you can get them by clicking on the links below.

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