Find Time For Joy

Do you find time for joy in your life? Living a streamlined life is to live unencumbered by attachment to unimportant things. This allows time and space to find joy in the things that really do matter in life. Busily going from task to task, responsibility to responsibility, commitment to commitment does NOT leave time for joy in most of our lives.

Life Can Be Crazy Busy

These days we seem to have too many commitments, too many activities, too many responsibilities, too much stuff that takes too much time to maintain, too much time spent working to get more stuff that takes too much time to maintain. In today’s American society the mantra is bigger is better. Having more stuff is an image booster. It can become a vicious cycle and it’s easy to get pulled in and overwhelmed. To see an eye-opening article about how much stuff we have and how we choose to spend our time click here.

What Brings Joy?

Living, real living, is finding joy in the things that matter.  What really matters to you and what brings joy in your life? Relationships, experiences, an aesthetically pleasing living environment? The fact is bigger is not always better. Sometimes, a lot of times, less is more. Some people are able to go minimalist “cold turkey,” but many of us have a harder time letting go of all those items and activities we have accumulated. I’m one of those people, and for several reasons.

First, because I work a full-time job I just don’t have the time or the energy to tackle streamlining my whole house all at once, even if I could handle it emotionally. Second, I have family members to consider who may not necessarily see things from my viewpoint.  Third, I want to see through the commitments I have already made.

Many of you have challenges, as well; some the same as mine, some different. BUT, we can take steps toward our streamlining goal one drawer at a time, one bookshelf at a time, one flat surface at a time, one activity at a time. Remember, if you don’t need it or you don’t love it it’s okay to let go of it. The results will be a more peaceful home and more time spent with the people you love.

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A good resource for organizing your streamlining efforts is Martha Cilley’s Sink Reflections.


  1. Well, we fall into that category of a two car garage and barely enough room to park ONE vehicle…Actually, we have our car garage and a storage garage that we share with two other people…it is our CURRENT goal to rid ourselves of things in the storage garage that we no longer use…Christmas items and other holiday items, rugs, luggage and various and sundry other items including coffee pots to post cards. Our van will be loaded regularly and driven over to the Salvation Army Store…I am sure there will be some things that SOMEBODY can use…just not us!!!


    1. Good for you! We are currently in process of clearing out our garage also. We are about 1/3 of the way through all that STUFF! It takes time, but once it’s done we won’t have to spend any more of our precious time cleaning it out, or worse yet moving it around so we can get to the few things we need to keep in the garage.


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