Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Weekly Spread for May

This month I wanted to change up my bullet journal weekly spread. I really liked the look of my previous spread, but I’ve been wanting to go a bit more minimalist to save time, and I thought it might be fun to add just a smidgen of color to my pages. I’m not very good at drawing, so lots of doodles, banners, flowery designs, and beautiful calligraphy are simply not going to happen in my bujo.

Here is my original weekly spread. I like it because it looks very ordered and neat, but takes longer than I like to spend setting it up. After all, one of the main purposes of my bullet journal is to help me save time.

It’s Ok To Not Be Perfect

One thing I’ve learned about keeping a bullet journal is that it’s ok to experiment. My weekly spread does not have to be the same every week. I can change it up at will. It’s ok to try new things.  Keep what you like and abandon anything you don’t. It doesn’t have to be perfect, thank the Lord!

My first attempt at minimizing seemed very plain, but it was functional. What I didn’t like is that it had too much of a free-form look to me.  I’m a bit OCD about everything having a contained, boxed-in, organized sort of look, but I’m trying to overcome that, lol, so I forced myself to use this spread for that week.

In this post, I decided to give you a step-by-step of how I created the newest version of my weekly spread in hopes that it will give you some ideas for your own bujo.  I don’t like to count the dots to figure out where to draw, so I just use my last week’s spread as a sort of template and draw pencil dots where my lines will go. I erase them once the ink from my Micron pen is dry on the page. It’s very quick and easy that way. The entire spread took less that ten minutes to set up from start to finish!

Using a transparent plastic ruler really helps me keep my lines clean and crisp. I use a tissue to wipe the edge of the ruler after every couple of lines. Before I started doing that I had a few smudges, but no more!

Adding a Little Color

Sometimes I want my week monochrome, but this time I decided to try some highlighting to add a little color. I liked the look of the gray highlighter some folks use, but I couldn’t find gray at my local Michael’s or Joanne’s. After checking online, I knew I didn’t want to pay that much or wait that long to try the gray highlighter. I found some Pilot Frixion highlighters at my local Michael’s store. They came in a pack of five colors: blue, green, pink, yellow, and lavender. All are very pale colors. The lavender is close enough to gray to make me happy.

At first I highlighted over my writing, but the Micron black ink smeared on my Moleskin A5 notebook. That’s when I decided to try highlighting first then writing over it.  Problem solved!  I do find it looks better when I blot the highlighted area and let it dry before writing over it. I discovered that while doing this spread, as you can probably tell.

This photo shows how I use the previous week’s spread to make pencil dots for lines.

Highlighter blotted and dry…time to write! I do wish I could master that beautiful modern calligraphy that some people are so good at.

And, here it is! My completed weekly spread. I think I finally got it right for the end of the month. Don’t you think the lavender looks pretty close to gray?

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