The Streamlined Life:  It's a Journey

What does it mean to live a streamlined life? What does that look like, really? Is it a meaningful life? Is it an intentional life? Or is it a peaceful […]

Social Media

Social media and electronic devices have been around for a while now.  They allow us to stay in touch with dear ones who live far away and those we don’t […]

Find Time For Joy

Do you find time for joy in your life? Living a streamlined life is to live unencumbered by attachment to unimportant things. This allows time and space to find joy in the […]

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Weekly Spread for May This month I wanted to change up my bullet journal weekly spread. I really liked the look of my previous spread, but I’ve been wanting to […]

Companion Planting Your Vegetable Garden

Did you ever wonder which vegetables grow best together? I didn’t. I thought you just stick some seeds or plants in the ground and you get veggies…that is, until I […]

My Bullet Journal Life

I love, love, love my bullet journal life! My journal keeps me on track and helps me avoid distractions every day. I feel so much more organized and productive than […]

Starting a Bullet Journal

Starting a bullet journal may not be a new idea; however, I was just introduced to the concept in December 2016. As soon as I read a little bit about the […]

Organic Vegetable Gardening for the Streamlined Life

I love fresh vegetables! But, I want to know they are safe for me and my family. While many grocery stores now have small organic produce sections, who wants to […]

Organize Life with a Bullet Journal

Anybody out there a list-maker like me? Sometimes I feel like I can’t turn around without my “to do” list. The problem I had, though, was that I ended up with multiple […]